People who have contributed time and energy to our vision.
Argyle Veterinary Hospital

Argyle Veterinary

Dr. John Bitter of Argyle Veterinary clinic and his staff for all of the wonderful 24 hr. medical care for all of the"Kids" ( 14 horses, 3donkeys, 14 dogs, 6 cats)
Specialty Pet Training

Specialty Pet Training

Anne O' Neill of Specialty Pet Training for all of her help in re-rehabilitating, job training,and helping integrate the animals "with love".
Nature's Select Dog Food

Nature Select Pet Food

Rachel Novak of Nature Select Pet food for supplying the Farms with top of the line dog, cat, rabbit,and duck foods (yes, we have 2 rabbits, 5 ducks too).
D & L Farms

D & L Farms

Belk's Charity Sale


JP Messina Shoe Repair

JP Messina Shoe Repair

This wonderful place keeps our tack repaired, boots in wearable condition, and keep our dog collars in one piece!
Ashlyn Allen

Ashlyn Allen

And of course a Huge "Thank you" to Ashlyn Allen who not only manages all 3 ranches, but also lives at the Argyle Farm where she gives "The Kids" the 24 hr. love and care they all deserve. We are truly blessed to have such a winning combination!!
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